This is not a drill, people. A House of Many Doors has launched its Kickstarter!


Please, if you’re reading this, consider backing the game. A project’s initial burst of momentum, in those first 24-48 hours, is really important to how it does long-term. Just by pledging the same amount you’d spend on a cup of coffee, you could help a cool little game get made.

Steam Greenlight

Today is a busy day for people who like clicking things! The Greenlight campaign has launched alongside the Kickstarter and you can find it here!

I really want to see this game reach Steam. Part of my hope for AHoMD is that I can update it continually in my spare time for years after release. Steam is the ideal way to do this – unlike other distribution platforms, Steam allows me to update your game quickly and easily and at the drop of a hat!

I will be releasing a DRM-free version too, of course, but getting on Steam is a huge step in the game’s development process. Let’s make it happen!

Demo Release

For ages I’ve been grappling with the idea of releasing a demo alongside the Kickstarter, and to be honest it shouldn’t have taken me this long. Many of the indie devs I’ve spoken to, including the smart people at Failbetter who very much Know Their Shit, have assured me that it would be silly not to.

See, I’m a perfectionist. I was worried that people would play the game and, upon finding it buggy and without much content, get very turned off by the whole thing. The idea of releasing something that’s not finished to the world fills my bones with weird dread.

But I need to do what’s best for the game! Everyone understands the concept of a ‘pre-alpha’ these days, and to be honest, my game is much more feature-complete than 90% of the games that hit Kickstarter. It’s already been in development for almost a year!

So download the demo here. And keep in mind that this is a very early version without a huge amount of content.

I’m a first-time developer and it’s very important that people realize I’m not making bold claims I can’t back up – the game is a little buggy and a little empty but it exists. I need funding to flesh it out, not to build a skeleton.

Oh, and by the way, if you’ve read this far without clicking on the Kickstarter link at the top, I don’t want to make you scroll *all the way back up there!* Who has time for that?

So here’s the link again.

Give it a look! I will love you for it in the most friendly and platonic sense.


Let me know what you think, and please share this post! With the possible exception of the game’s launch in 10 months, this is the time when I most need people on my side, getting the word out about the game! Everything you can do is appreciated! Why not click one of those ‘Share’ buttons below? I hear they grant wishes, but only for those pure of heart.

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Kickstarter Launched! Greenlight Launched! Play the Demo Today!
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4 thoughts on “Kickstarter Launched! Greenlight Launched! Play the Demo Today!

  • September 2, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    Are you planning to release an OS X version as part of the project, or is the term “PC” equal to “windows-only”?

    • September 3, 2015 at 3:07 pm

      Hi, thanks for getting in touch! The game will be on Windows and Mac. Unfortunately I can’t commit to Linux – I’ve heard that Game Maker’s Ubuntu support isn’t great. I’m going to look into it, but I can’t promise anything.

  • September 4, 2015 at 6:56 am

    Excellent news!
    Thank you for the reply, backed the project.

    • September 4, 2015 at 12:16 pm

      Hurrah! Thank you so much!


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