HOMD’s release is getting closer and closer! I’ve been making sure the game is ready. And what does that mean, practically speaking? Well –






Over the last few days I’ve fixed *checks notes* 139 bugs, typos and assorted dull problems. The game feels a lot more polished now which, y’know, is what you’d expect.

I’ve uploaded a new Steam beta build with all these fixes for the MATRON-tier backers. Chances are, if you ran into a hard crash-to-desktop while testing before, that’s now been fixed. If you were hesitant about jumping into the beta before, now’s the time! In terms of bug population, the game has gone from “Klendathu” to merely “Florida Everglades.”

Anything else? Perhaps something more interesting? Ah yes –


I’ve added a bunch of enemy weapons, which should make combat more variable and interesting. They have a bunch of effects that can change the way a combat encounter plays out completely – some weapons can cover your kinetopede in sticky webs, preventing you from fleeing, or even slam a harpoon into your hull and draw you inexorably closer.


Other weapons can freeze your crew in place – very significant, since combat relies so heavily on crew placement! Your crew can also be poisoned, losing health steadily and forcing you to try to end combat as soon as possible.


Finally, I’ve added a chance for artillery to start fires, a damaging hazard which you need to keep your crew away from. One of these starting in the weapon bay can be a complete disaster – especially when it starts to spread.


And in an effort to stave off bug-fixing boredom, I very quickly added a new way to make money: hunting down procedurally-generated bounties on behalf of the Consortium in the City of Bridges. These are small, random, content-light quests that add a little colour to the world and an alternative money-making route, as well as a reason to engage with the game’s combat system other than being attacked or engaging in banditry.

More importantly, though, it let me do one of my favourite things: add a new proc-gen text system! The game will now generate a whole rogue’s gallery of bandits, murderers and desperadoes for you to hunt down in the darkness.


That’s all for now. The game is shaping up really well, and I think you’re going to love it.

Bugs, Weapons and Bounties
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