Yesterday, A House of Many Doors’ Kickstarter campaign drew to a close, with 1103 backers and £12,866 raised. That’s over 300% of its funding goal. This is, needless to say, fantastic news and will completely transform AHoMD visually and musically. Thanks so much to everyone who pledged and supported the game!

What next? Well, with the Kickstarter finished, I’ll have a little more time to start updating my dev log again. So keep an eye out for that! I’m going to update once a week – and I should have a lot of cool stuff to share.

I’m also going to continue searching for a musical mastermind who can make a fantastic soundtrack for AHoMD – a lot of musicians have contacted me already, with a lot of fantastic work, but I’m afraid I’m being supremely picky. I think the music will be a vital part of the game and I want to make sure it is absolutely right.

And, of course, most of my time will be devoted to writing and coding.

Keep checking the dev log for updates, lovely people. Speak to you soon!

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The Kickstarter winds down, with over 300% of our goal
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