Hello, all. The mad spectre of 2016 is in the process of being exorcised. We still have to find a way to defeat Pazuzu, and we have a lot of pea soup to clean off the walls, but hopefully 2017 will bring better things. Like, for example, A House of Many Doors, which will release – terrifyingly – in just one month’s time!

3rd of February. Mark your calendars. Add it to your Steam wishlist here.

So what have I been doing over the last week? Well, I’m mortally ashamed to say that I took a couple of days off around Christmas. May you all forgive me for this hideous excess. Other than that, I’ve mainly been fixing a lot of very boring bugs, which leaves me with not a lot to write about.

One thing is worth discussing, however: I’ve added an option to fiddle with the game’s resolution, which has caused a lot of fun new bugs to spring up. Hopefully it will all be worth it, as it makes the game more compatible with different monitor sizes.

I don’t have the budget to test the game on lots of different devices, however, so if you have access to the beta – and especially if you have an unusually large or small monitor – please download the latest update and help me out!

Lore Snippet: The Scars of Sheng


The city is corrupted. A sickness has spread through its streets and buildings, causing stone to split open and bleed. Pedestrians hop over cobblestone lesions, raw and red and wide as a crevasse.

Sometimes the wounds heal, leaving swathes of twisted pumice. Sometimes they keep bleeding forever, and the building will collapse without regular transfusions from its desperate inhabitants.

Don’t wear good shoes. They’ll get absolutely soaked.

The Final Update of 2016

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