As I write this devlog, there are just…


…before A House of Many Doors is officially released on Steam. Mark it in your calendars. Set a reminder on your phone. Build a statue in the desert.

But I wanted to take the time to get in one more devlog and tell you about a new addition to the game. This is the last major addition before release!

Travelling through the darkness needed a little spicing up. The player was mainly engaged in avoiding enemies, navigating obstacles, and holding conversations with a neutral vehicle – which was all great, but not quite enough to occupy your mind. That’s now changed

If you keep a careful eye out while travelling, you can now spot certain glowing pieces of scenery that are interactable. Trundle up to them and you’ll be treated a little narrative snippet – resulting in a minor reward, or a minor setback. I had to be careful about this, as it changed the balance of the game considerably, but I think it’s resulted in a much richer experience.


That’s all for now, folks. The game’s out in a week, and I’m furiously fixing bugs.

Soon it’ll be out of my hands. The House awaits you.

Good luck.

Discoveries in the Dark
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