Gods, eh? They get everywhere, like ghosts or fleas. The House is full of them.

Of course, some gods are more powerful than others – some are so powerful that they grant their priests special talents. The priests of Anglecrab can fold their bodies along impossible geometries, the priests of Scorthidion can harden their blood at will. It can be very useful to have a lot of gods in your pantheon.

The Cathedral of Stolen Gods takes this to its logical conclusion.



The Cathedral’s pirate-priests roam the House in church-tanks, stealing idols and holy texts, forcing innocent victims to renounce their gods and commit blasphemies. When they have driven all other worshippers away, they return to the main Cathedral and co-opt the god into their swollen pantheon.

The Cathedral itself is a miles-tall edifice, a jagged cluster of Gothic architecture on tank-treads huge enough to crush a castle. Unfortunately, the Cathedral’s heyday is behind it – the engines are broken, and none of their many gods have the power to make it work again.

But in the tallest spire, the Omnipope schemes. One day the pirate-priests will reclaim their glory and be feared throughout the House once more. One day.


The Cathedral of Stolen Gods
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