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I have had my head buried in work recently, trying to Get Things Done. The worst paradox is that the more work I do, the less work is apparent to the outside world – because I have less time to tell you about it. Suffice to say, the Things are indeed Getting Done, and the game is shaping up better than I dared dream.

Somewhere along the last month, the game reached a goal I’d been hoping to reach for a long time. It became something that I could actually imagine myself buying and loving. The kind of game I’d be desperate to play. This is all I wanted, really. (But gosh, making such a game is harder work than I ever imagined. Curse my demanding tastes!)


Over the next month or so, I’m (hopefully) going to be posting quicker, shorter updates, more often. They’re mainly going to be spotlights on some character, vehicle or location in the game. There are dozens of characters, dozens of vehicles, and over ninety locations to explore – having added such depth to HOMD, I might as well show it off!

Vehicle Spotlight: The Stone Circle

Journey north of the City of Keys, toward to the Chimeric Empire, and you’ll have to pass through the bleak Goat-Stones. Blood-spotted obelisks, dead trees. Yellow eyes leer from the shadows. This is where the goatmen hide in bitter isolation.

If you are unlucky, a shaman might decide you’d look better on a sacrificial slab. They will wake the stones. The monoliths will rise and come for you, carrying a bleating horde atop them.

Art by the inestimable Catherine Unger, of course.

The NPC vehicles can be hostile or neutral, depending on who’s at the wheel (or rudder, or tentacle, or whatever else is being used to steer). The goatmen are exceptions -insular and xenophobic, they will always be hostile. At least at first. Perhaps there’s a way to change that…

Concerning Goats
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