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Last week, the House of Many Doors alpha was released to MATRON-tier backers and above. The game is still very much unfinished and very much an alpha, but enough of the code is complete that I felt alpha testing would still be really helpful.

To those brave testers who have played the game over the last week and submitted bug reports: a heartfelt thank you! I’ve been working  to address the issues you found, and it’s been indescribably helpful. The two main issues which cropped up over and over again were:

  • Crashes. This was to do with the game hogging too much memory.
  • Collision. The kinetopede had a distressing tendency to get stuck.

Both of these issues have now (I hope) been largely fixed, although I’m sure there are still edge cases that need to be rooted up. I also fixed most of the other, less common bugs that were discovered. If anyone has given up testing, the Steam build has been updated with these fixes. Now would be a fantastically useful time to start testing again!

For those of you without access to the alpha, I have recorded a video spotlighting the game’s combat. Hopefully enticing? It also features a shameful malapropism on my part – see if you can spot it! A free Steam key goes to the first who finds the word I horrifically misused.

That’s all for now – but expect the frequency of these updates to increase as we ramp up towards release. Keep your eyes and ears open next week!

Oh, and one final thing. HOMD artist Catherine Unger made a gorgeous title screen for the game! Here’s a clean version, feel free to take and post absolutely everywhere:


Alpha News & Combat Spotlight
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