The game’s very first trailer is now live. This is not a drill. Check it out below!


I have managed to find a truly fantastic artist who has agreed to work on the game’s illustrations. Say hello to Catherine Unger – she’s drawn some of the art already, for the purposes of the Kickstarter!

I think her gorgeous art and distinctive style are going to absolutely transform the aesthetic of the game, and make everything a million times prettier.

Catherine's rendition of Augustus Ribbins, a Pilot who can join the player's crew.
Catherine’s portrait of Augustus Ribbins, a Pilot who can join the player’s crew.

Remember: The Kickstarter begins on the 2nd of September, just over a week from now. If you have any friends who are also interested in the indie game scene, let them know – I’d appreciate it so, so much!

Follow me on Twitter for more news and announcements – yes, there will be more. This is going to be a busy week!


Two huge announcements: New trailer, new art!
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